Camp Fees


Camp Fees


Coopers Beach Christian Youth Camp is GST registered. All charges shown are GST inclusive.

Please note that the camp charges are subject to change. We will make every reasonable effort to inform hirers of changes, however we recommend you check our current rates within two months of your scheduled arrival at camp.

  *1February – 19 December *20 December – 31 January
Accommodation Name OFF PEAK* per person/night PEAK* per person/night
Girls & Boys Dormitory $16.00 $21.00
Family Rooms attached to boys Dorm  $16.00 $21.00
Cooks Quarters & Family Units $16.00 $21.00
Norfolk Lodge $21.00 Adult
$16.00 Child under 17
$10.00 Child under 5

$32.00 Adult
$21.00 Child under 17
$10.00 Child under 5

Totara Lodge $32.00 Adult
$21.00 Child under 17
$16.00 Child under 5
$42.00 Adult
$32.00 Child under 17
$21.00 Child under 5
Tent/Motorhome/Caravan campers $16.00 $21.00
Minimum per night charge for camps
(not including day visitors)
$600.00 $700.00
Deposit/cleaning bond (non refundable for cancellations except by agreement with Management) Must be received within 14 days of booking. $400.00 $600.00
Late Departure Charge/Day Visitors (applies to any group in camp after 10am on day of departure) $10.00 per person  
Laundry – Washer
Free (provide own wash pdr)
$3 per load
Daily Rubbish Removal Charge $10.00 per day  
Projector Hire $10.00 per night  
Hall & Kitchen Day Hireage minimum
(can only be booked 3 weeks in advance)

Bookings for camps with less than 50 participants will not be confirmed more than 3 months in advance.

Balance payable at conclusion of camp by Direct bank deposit or cash
There are no EFTPOS or Credit Card Facilities.
An ATM machine is available in the local shopping area.
Late Settlement WILL attract a 10% surcharge.





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