Conditions of Hire for Hall and Kitchen only


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for Hall and Kitchen

Each hirer must appoint a leader whose responsibility is to understand these conditions

and to ensure that they are adhered to and will be made known to the Camp Managers.


Rates:  Hireage rate is $300 for a 4 hour period.

Hirers: do their own catering, cooking, and cleaning up.

  • Hirers will need to provide
  • tea towels
  • washing-up soap/liquid and cloths
  • toilet paper
  • a first-aid kit.   Hirer will need to nominate a First Aid Officer.


Kitchen: Full orientation of the kitchen will be given on arrival.  Food utensils are for food only.

Camp Equipment: is to be used for its rightful purposes and not to be taken off the Camp premises. 

Damage or breakages are the responsibility of the hirer. Glass is not insured.  Graffiti will be treated as vandalism and a charge made for its cleaning or replacement.

Rubbish Disposal: A daily $10.00 charge is required for removal of rubbish from the camp. Our rubbish is recycled in the appropriate containers provided.  Failure to do so may incur a penalty charge.  No remains of fish, shellfish or other kai moana are to be disposed of in our containers or left on the camp at departure.

Recycling: Plastic Bottles (rinsed and tops removed); Aluminium cans (rinsed); cardboard; glass; rubbish to go into appropriate containers; food scraps must be put in buckets provided.

Conclusion of Camp At the conclusion of each hireage the grounds and buildings are to be cleaned at least to the condition found on arrival.  Cleaning materials and checklist of duties are provided.  Failure to adequately clean-up will result in an additional charge.  All hirers are responsible for cleaning the areas which they use.  Please ensure that the BBQ is cleaned after use.


FINAL PAYMENT to be made prior to departure or a 10% surcharge will be added

Sorry we do not have EFTPOS facilities so payment must be by cash or cheque or internet transfer.


Smoking only in designated areas:
Cigarette butts to be disposed of in containers provided & then cleared at end of camp.

No alcohol/drugs to be brought into the Camp.

No dogs or other pets are to be brought onto the Camp.


CBCYC does not train or take responsibility for your safety practices and behaviour in regards to the usage of these facilities.
This is the responsibility of the user group and leaders



Coopers Beach Christian Youth Camp is operated by the Ownership Committee.

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